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Whitewashed Hardwood Floors

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Whitewashed Hardwood Floors
Whitewashed Hardwood Floors is the process of applying a whitewash, to an unfinished or sanded wooden floor surface. It is normally applied with a painting roller and can be left as is, or have excess amounts removed with a damp rag after a few minutes. A whitewashed hardwood floor adds a sense of uniqueness and distinct country charm to a room. It is largely used to give a new look and feel to old wooden floors. The grain and color of the wood typically shows through the whitewash; the result of which is a soft hazy layer that appears rustic.

There are many benefits to having a whitewashed hardwood floor; including the illusion of making a room appear larger than it is. It kills germs; as whitewash is alkaline in nature and it also maximizes the absorption of heat. Additionally, a whitewashed surface has the ability to brighten any room.

Many homeowners are concerned with the maintenance aspects of whitewashed hardwood floors. A simple application of polyurethane like Rejuvenate Home Surface Renewer System For Hardwood Floors, will make cleaning a lot easier. It is a complete kit that seals and protects the look of the whitewashed finish that you worked so hard to achieve and keeps it clean for years to come. You can definitely update the look of any aged hardwood floor and keep it looking that way for a very long time. No special techniques for cleaning whitewashed hardwood floors are required, which was previously the case, with this complete kit. It includes the sealer and protectant, a concentrated cleaner, for everyday use, along with microfiber applicators which provide a soft tool that will clean floors effectively without scratching.

General Guidelines to Keep Your Hardwood Flooring in Great Shape
These simple steps can prolong the life and beauty of your hardwood floor regardless of the specific type of wood you may have. Close curtains and blinds- UV rays from sunlight can fade colors and cause discoloration. Use protectors under furniture bar hardwood floor looking new:

  • Close curtains and blinds- UV rays from sunlight can fade colors on floor and sometimes cause discoloration
  • Place floor protectors under furniture
  • Clean, wipe or blot spills immediately to help prevent stains.
  • Place doormats at every door- this helps to trap dirt at the doorway instead of transferring it to the floor. (The Floor mats featured at ForLifeProducts.com are perfect for this!)
  • Take care when moving heavy objects like furniture and equipment- utilize furniture coasters to transport heavy objects across floors.
  • Take care when moving heavy objects like furniture and equipment- utilize furniture coaters to transport heavy objects across floors.
  • Dust and vacuum floors regularly to maximize beauty and decrease buildup of debris
  • Exercise caution when using bleaches, mildew removers, oven cleaners, drain openers and plant food as these contain strong chemicals that can discolor floors.
  • Always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines on products that are safe for your hardwood floor type.
  • Rearrange area rugs occasionally as they block sunlight causing a discolored appearance under the rug.
  • Avoid exposure to water on hardwoods.
  • Maintain normal humidity of 40-60% throughout all seasons of the year to reduce the natural expansion and contraction process typically found in hardwoods. Humidity levels can be maintained with air conditioners, humidifiers, de-humidifiers or with a heating system.
  • Keep pets nails trimmed and filed and remove stiletto style heels to minimize scratches.
  • Never clean hardwood floors with steel wools or scouring powders as these can cause damage.
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Rejuvenate can be used on the following type of floors:
Hardwood Floor Terrazzo Floor Flagstone Floor
Laminate Floor Terra Cotta Floor Vinyl/Linoleum Floor
Ceramic Tile Floor Slate Floor Marble Floor
Cork Floor Cement Floor Fiberglass Floor
Pine Floor Travertine Floor
How Rejuvenate can improve the look of your home or office:
Floors Furniture Bathroom
Cabinets Kitchen Countertop

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