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I just want to tell you how refreshing it is to finally use a product that does exactly what it claims. My hardwood floors were dry and cracking and all the other products I used were no match to your Rejuvenate. I was and still am very happy with how my floors look. I called and told my sister-in-law because she was looking for something for her floors. I truly endorse this product. Thank You!!
-Catherine, Rockledge, FL

I was out of options for my solid surface counter tops, so I tried Rejuvenate . It did the best job of anything I tried, there was a beautiful, high gloss and it holds up for weeks with just wiping with wet, soapy sponge. Even a mild bleach solution didn't seem to ruin it. Anything with ammonia such as glass cleaner will kill it instantly however -- cleaning the window above the counter you could see exactly where overspray hit the countertop. The only way to fix it was to give it a light sanding with a scrubby and re-apply. The real down side for me? I'm hooked on the shine, now I have to keep buying the stuff for when it wears off.
-Debbie, Holbrook, NY

Tried this on my 9 year old formica counters and now I am walking around all puffed up like I did it myself. Awesome stuff! I will reorder and reorder as often as I need it. Hooked on this shine!
-S. Pritchard, Cookeville TN

We have off-brand laminate flooring on our entire first floor. They have taken quite a beating. This product did a good job, making the floors more reflective and easier to keep clean. The one problem, however, was how to apply to 1000 sq. feet evenly. You have to vacuum, mop, rinse, dry, apply, let product dry--tough to achieve in a large area (especially with 3 kids, a dog and a cat). I needed two-three coats to blend the edges, a lot of product, and it took probably 8 hours overall, but it looks good. It also worked well on the stained kitchen cabinets.
-Diane, Stuart FL

I just want to tell you how refreshing it is to finally use a product that does exactly what it claims. My hardwood floors were dry and cracking and all the other products I used were no match to your Rejuvenate . I was and still am very happy with how my floors look. I called and told my sister-in-law because she was looking for something for her floors. I truly endorse this product. Thank You!!
-Catherine, Milford, NJ

This product made such a remarkable difference to my kitchen cabinets. They shine and sparkle and look like new. I also used it on the door going into the garage and it covered all the scratches, (2 coats), the dog made and it looks great now.
Satisfied QVC Customer 7-13-07

Love Love Love.......This product actually removed cat urine. My cat had sprayed a genuine PINE cabinet door several times (during a territorial ceremony, I guess). The stain is gone. Love it for floors too, but it may need to be reapplied often depending on household traffic.
Satisfied QVC Customer 7-8-07

This product is amazing! I have only had to use it once in 6 months....and my cabinets still shine. It is a wonderful product and the shine it gives cabinets are incredible. My cabinets look brand new!
Satisfied QVC Customer 6-24-07

My 15 year old wood kitchen and bath cabinets were not damaged or too terribly dull but I am selling my house and want the kitchen to sparkle. After thoroughly cleaning the cabinets with a degreaser followed by a good rinse, I applied three coats, according to directions. The cabinets shine and look like they belong in a model home. I'm ordering the floor restorer - I hope it works as well on vinyl floors.
Satisfied QVC Customer 6-6-07

best thing that i have ever purchase for my cabinets will never use anything else on them but this thank you so much
Satisfied QVC Customer 6-4-07

I have dark wooden kitchen cabinets (25) and wanted to make them look better without painting or stripping or staining or varnishing - I have asthma and alot of allergies -so there are alot of products I can't use. I ordered this, and this past weekend, my husband took off all the door knobs and handle pulls to clean them up - and I cleaned them first with a sponge and diluted "simple green" in water. waited for them to dry - then did 2 coats of this (20 minutes drying time inbetween) - they were beautiful. then i waited 24 hours and did a third coat on just the doors to make them glossy - it is absolutely beautiful - looks like i have brand new cabinets. i've already sent this to all my friends.
Satsified QVC Customer 5-29-07

I purchased this product to clean and shine some of my cabinets, dressers and particularly my wood doors to our rooms. We are selling our house and wanted the doors to shine for a good presentation. I followed the instructions and the product was easy to use. My doors, cabinets and dressers all have a great shine to it. It has been a week and they all still look great and my doors still have that shiny glaze over it. I would definitely recommend this product.
Satisfied QVC Customer 5-24-07

We have a rental house and after reg. cleaning cabinets,We thought we were going to have replace the doors atleast. Except QVC to the rescue with this product. My darling husband was "ok right, U belive everything u hear" U could say he ate his words. cabinets look like new one coat on most a couple took two coats. also used it on a garage sale wooden rocker looks beautiful in our live rm.(only U all know its not new) with products like these. I can shop for more me things on QVC. LOL Brinda, IN
Satisfied QVC Customer 5-22-07

We are renovating a home built in 1925, remodeled in the 1980's. Used Rejuvenate in the bedrooms and hallway that had 30 year old wood paneling. They look brand new. Looked shiny and light now relfects in the formerly dark and dingy looking rooms. Have ordered more and recommended to friends and family. We can't believe the difference!!!
Satisfied QVC Customer 4-27-07

I've told everyone I know abou this product. It is wonderful!
Satisfied QVC Customer 4-25-07

We debated about buying new kitchen table because the wood had dulled and had some small scratches. We had tried lemon oil, polishes, and other products to no avail. I bought this product thinking that there was a small chance that it would work. Well, that was a couple of years ago and the table looks great! I apply it with a microfiber towel every couple of months. Make sure that you wipe off the cap well so that it does get glued shut. Excellent product!
Satisfied QVC Customer 4-23-07

This is the best Product I have ever used for my Furniture!! I have a lot off antiques
that needed this I have a Piano it is about 100 year old makes it look SOO much better Brought the shine back. I used it on my end tables they are very old also. It brought the Life back to my wood furniture all over my home. I also have a Queen Ann bedroom suite it is about 15 years old it was so dull I tried many cleaners and polishes and nothing worked Until now, my 15 year old bedroom suite looks new, also on my 40 year old Broyhill Living room tables
And on the kitchen cabinets where I moved, they are very old but now have a great shine and look a lot better I just wish I had purchased this product sooner it would helped my furniture from getting scratched up LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!
Satisfied QVC Customer 4-18-07

I applied this product to a 25-year-old stained, pine tub surround in the main bath of our log home and could not believe the results. The finish has to look better than brand new--it is shiny, clearly protected, etc. One spinoff is that dust is far more easily removed than from the dull surface which existed formerly. Cannot wait to try this on our oak fireplace which has been dulled over time by heat. Great product."
Satisfied QVC Customer 4-16-07

This product does exactly what it claims to do... restores wood to it's original luster. We were planning a gut renovation of our kitchen cabinets, but tried this instead and VOILA! They look better than new, and we saved $10,000. Even the countertop glows. I tried it again on the bathroom vanity with the same fabulous results. When my son came home for a visit, he asked if we had refinished them. Thank you for this excellent product. I highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you Rejuvenate !!!
Satisfied QVC Customer 4-14-07

Satisfied QVC Customer 4-12-07

Rejuvenate floor restorer and protectant is everything that is claimed.
My floors look almost new. The sheen is absolutely fantastic. You have won a real enthusiast from one who finds "as seen on tv" not much of an endorsement.
-Les, Orlando, FL

Hello. We installed laminate wood flooring in our hall, kitchen and family room. Shortly thereafter, our dishwasher overflowed and the shine never came back on our flooring. We saw your commercial and my hubby decided to try the floor products and WOW, the floors look brand new. We got such compliments and our floors are so shiny and rich looking. Thanks so much for making such a great product. We recommend it to all our friends with wood or laminate flooring. We don't normally write about products but this really protected a big investment in our house. Keep up the good work.
-Charles, Beachwood, NJ

WOW!! I purchased your Rejuvenate Floor Restorer & Protectant at Home Depot after seeing how a friend\'s hardwood floor looked after she applied Rejuvenate . My hardwood floors had no shine at all. I was ready to replace them with ceramic tile. NOT NOW!! They are beautiful and shiny!! I highly recommend this product.
-Debbie, Knoxville, AR

I own apartments and they have beautiful hard wood floors. A recent tenant moved out and when I went in to check it,the floors were in bad shape. I thought I would have to have them sanded and redone which would be very costly. A friend told me about Rejuvenate so I bought it and figured what did I have to lose. I cleaned the floors and used the Rejuvenate , just as the instruction recommend. The floors looked great but I did not stay to wait for them to dry. I returned the next day and could not tell you how happy I was with the results. The floors looked like new, the scratches are out and it looks wonderful. This product is great and did just what it claims. I have told several people about it and would recommend it to many more. Thanks for a wonderful product.
-Diane, Williamsville, NY

I purchased Rejuvenate at QVC when i saw it demonstrated. I am completely thrilled with the results. It made 30 year old formica butcher block counter tops look almost new. I will certainly recommend it to my friends.
-Paul, Hemet, CA

Being retired, I often have time to watch QVC where I happened upon a demonstration for "Rejuvenate " and thought it looked great and I could do it. Several weeks later, I have done all the closet doors and door frames and our complete kitchen cupboards. I know people always complain when a product is bad, but I am writing to let you know the results are beyond what I expected and it was so easy. The only thing my husband helped me do was bring a step ladder in so I could reach the tops of the door frames and the kitchen cupboards. GREAT PRODUCT! I loved it.
-Judy, Nescopeck, PA

I recently purchased Rejuvenate at my home town home supply store. I am a Realtor and I also buy houses to rehab and resale. The floors in the house I just purchased were questionable as to the extent of refinishing that would be needed to get the look I wanted. When I applied Rejuvenate , I and others were absolutely amazed at the beautiful finish I was left with, and how affordable compared to refinishing. You have a customer forever and thanks for a great product.
-Jimmy, Williamson, GA

Just some feedback on your Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture restorer. WOW!!!!! I have an 90 year old house with beautiful wood work. I am now getting a little older and trying to sell the house. While the wood work still was nice, it had seen better days through years of living. Your product is reviving it to it\'s original glory. I have never been more impressed by a product that actually work better than it\'s claim. I also have never endoresed a product before but will tell anyone interested in this one.
-Dave, Keil, WI

I saw Rejuvenate Floor Restorer & Protectant on TV. I thought it sounded too good to be true. But I bought a bottle of it at Home Depot Saturday and used it on my kitchen floor tonight. I am absolutely amazed and thrilled. I have been so depressed over this floor and could not afford to replace it. I tried for years to make this floor shine and finally gave up. The floor is asphalt tile I think and is at least 40 yrs. old. Except for the cracks and dents from age, the floor looks beautiful!
-Wendy, Downsville, LA


I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you about a recent project I am working on where your Rejuvenate product came into play.

I help to maintain/repair an apartment complex in PA. What makes the complex unique is that it is actually historic property that was built in the late 1800's. The buildings themselves where some of the first built in the area, and once housed a military boarding school for boys in it's earlier days. The apartments where established some time after that, but still maintain the same historic appearance and feel. The property and buildings are quite large, but only house 34 apartments. Essentially, one apartment is half of an entire floor. Every unit has true harwood floors.

I had begun working some four years ago at the request of a friend of mine who had just become manager of the complex. The urgent request had come about due to the obvious fact that the former management did not take very good care of the property. The saga had begun with a million different unique problems with each and every unit. The most recent becoming the biggest challenge.

“…Rejuvenate made my ceramic tile look like imported marble and it sealed my grout so I never have to get down on my hands and knees to clean my grout again!...I never imagined my floors can look so great”

Joe Maglione Tampa, FL

What a great product you have in Rejuvenate FLOOR FINISH RE-NEWER & POLISH. I ordered it to use on my kitchen wooden floors. Instead, I used it on my 15 year laminated countertops and they look like new! Today I ordered two more bottles, one for me and one for a friend. Now I will finally do my floors! Again, great products that are easy to apply. Thanks a million!

Mary Harper Camdenton , MO

I purchased a home two years ago that had been occupied by various renters for eight years. The living room and dining room floors were a laminated wood product. The floors had not been taken care of and the finish was dull and scratched. I had tried many products on the floor over the last two years, but nothing helped. Then, about a month ago, I was flipping through channels on TV and stopped at QVC for a moment. Your Rejuvenate FLOOR FINISH RE-NEWER & POLISH was being promoted, so I watched for a while. The promoter mentioned laminated wood floors and my interest was peaked. The product was not expensive, and I figured I had a lot to gain if your Rejuvenate did what it promised. I ordered a bottle and when it came I tried it. Boy was I surprised! My floor looks better than new and it isn't slippery. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your Rejuvenate . It really works! Thank you.

Janet Oliver San Bernardino , CA

I recently purchased a home with beautiful Pergo flooring. After I moved in I began to notice scratches in the flooring in almost every room. I began to investigate costs for replacing, and was not happy with the estimates. Then I saw your demo on QVC for Rejuvenate FLOOR FINISH RE-NEWER & POLISH and placed my order. After following the easy instructions, my Pergo floors had the shine and perfection of brand new.

Thank you for a wonderful product.

The beige tile and white grouting in my home looked dirty and dull. My grandchildren often spilled food and juice on the tile and I just couldn't get it clean. Once a month I spent hours on my hands and knees trying to clean the tile. After ordering Rejuvenate FLOOR FINISH RE-NEWER & POLISH and applying the product in July, I have not had to worry about stains and discoloring.


We recently moved into a pre-owned home with mica kitchen cabinets, and as I was unpacking I noticed scratches around the handles. After learning about your product, Rejuvenate CABINET AND FURNITURE RE-NEWER & POLISH on QVC, I ordered a bottle and all the scratches disappeared. You saved me $5,000 in remodeling expenses. I will continue to use Rejuvenate and recommend to my friends.

I remodeled my home and applied Pergo floors to almost the entire living area. After the floors were finished, I realized quickly that my two dogs could no longer walk on the floor. I could not enjoy the beauty of my floors because I then had to cover them with area rugs. THEN, I discovered Rejuvenate FLOOR RE-NEWER & POLISH. I no longer need to cover the floors with carpet because the Rejuvenate has made my floors not only less slip resistant but easier to keep clean. Now the dogs are able to not only walk, but run on the Pergo. I now understand the meaning behind your company name!


I bought your Rejuvenate FLOOR RE-NEWER & POLISH. This is the BEST product I have EVER used on my floors. I have always been known as ‘the woman whose floors you could eat off' because I took pride in being able to make my floors shine. It would take me hours and bottles of floor cleaner an polish to be able to do this, and even then, there sometimes would not be a mirror shine. This product astounded me…keep up the good products and I will bear testimony…that they work.

Joanne Freeman Randallstown , MD

I have just used Rejuvenate FLOOR RE-NEWER & POLISH on my dining room hardwood floor and I am very happy with the results.

Linda DiStefano New York , NY

This is the best product I have ever used..I tell everyone. I live in a development and I want U to know that neighbors actually knock on my door to see my wood floors. I even had a repair man come to my house today and he said my floors looked great. He even asked what company came to do them. When I showed him your product..He was amazed that it was from a bottle. Thank U Thank U Thank U..

Maureen Gallagher Staten Island, NY

This is the best product you can by we have 5 old oak dressers from the 30s that brings out the grain and shine.

Bob, North Cape May , NJ

Last week I ordered rejuvinate and the pre cleaner for my kitchen tile, which is Italian and 30 years old, also for tile in my foyer and on my fireplace hearth. I didn't belive it would work but I tried it in my kitchen on the part of tile that is most walked on, in my foyer at the front door and I had to give second coats, but I am very satisfied with the product, it brought shine and cleaned the tile very good. I am sold on this product and will buy it at Home depot. Thanks, my kitchen tile looks like new.

Frances Gaumond Osterville , MA

I recently saw your representative on QVC demonstrating Rejuvenate . I was impressed by what I saw, but was skeptical understanding that what I observed on TV and what I thought was possible at home were two entirely two different matters. However, I ordered two bottles and received them a few days ago. I was still skeptical until I actually used the product. Mercy, I could not believe it. My no-wax floors in the kitchen and bathroom really, to my surprise, look amazing! The shine is absolutely FANTASTIC and did not go away once it was thoroughly dry. Thank you for a wonderful product. Thanks again for something that actually works.

Nancy Dickerson Marietta , GA

Just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your Rejuvenate floor restorer product. It has done an amazing job on a very banged-up wood floor which had not been touched for 35 years and it seemed that only option was an expensive refinish. We tried your product not expecting much success, but in fact the floor has been restored to an almost new appearance in only one application. Now I plan to use it on every other floor in the house.

Thank you.

Lesley Steer Danbury , CT

I am completely sold on Rejuvenate and now use it on all my wood furniture. This product really does work. I have never endorsed a product before, but this one makes my life so much easier and saves me time and money. I wouldn't use anything else on my furniture. I recommend Rejuvenate to all my family, friends and neighbors. Thank you, Rejuvenate !!

Julia Schultz

I watched an infomercial nine months ago and saw the Rejuvenate product. It seemed too good to be true so I called to ask more questions about the floors in my house and if it would go over a paste wax finish on the wood floor. I spoke to a supervisor and she said to wash the floor with a detergent or Clean & Revive to remove as much wax as possible and then use the Rejuvenate . I ordered the product followed her instructions and put it on my floors. It went on easily and left a beautiful luster type shine (the kind I would get after hours of machine or hand polishing with the paste wax) just as they said. Spills wipe up, standing water wipes up without any discoloration, and the floor has a beautiful smooth finish.

Pamela Levine

We liked this product a lot. We have an old floor in our living room which was becoming difficult to maintain. Previously we had used Bruce wood floor products but they require a lot of work. We had considered having a professional floor refinisher come in and do the floor for us. Then I saw an ad for Rejuvenate and thought it would be worth a try and certainly a lot less expensive way to go. After cleaning the floor and letting it dry we applied Rejuvenate and were very pleased with the results. We were so pleased that we ordered a second shipment of the product to use on another floor. We also had decided to put second coat on the living room floor because we had missed some spots in the original application. The floor looks terrific. The color was restored, which were doubtful about happening. It has worn very well and there is virtually no sign of wear on the heavily traffic areas. Application was easy and certainly saved us the cost of professional refinishing.
Jim and

Eloise Barter

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