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Rejuvenate Kitchens

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Rejuvenate Kitchens
The kitchen is normally viewed as a food preparation area in one’s home but is often also used for entertaining family and friends. Kitchen appliances, cookware, gifts, cutlery, tools, house wares and other kitchen supplies are also invaluable assets to any kitchen. Keeping this area pleasant and functional is merited for these reasons.

No matter what type of kitchen surfaces you may have including tiles, hardwood, vinyl or a combination these surface, Rejuvenate has a product that is right for you. Click on the tab that relates to what surfaces you have in your space.


Ceramic Tile Kitchen
For kitchens, never use any type of harsh or abrasive cleaners on your ceramic flooring. This could cause the finish to become scratched and hazed.

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Laminate Kitchen
Laminate kitchen floors can look great for years without a lot of effort. Many residential laminate flooring will last between 10-25 years against any type of wearing, staining and fading. With proper care, laminates can look shiny and new.

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Vinyl Kitchen
The most inexpensive flooring you can buy is vinyl floors. It is durable and offers a large selection of colors and styles to choose from like tiles or even sheets with a variety of finishes. You can clean a no-wax vinyl floor with a general all-purpose cleaner.

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Formica Kitchen
Formica cabinets in your kitchen need to be cleaned on a regular basis. During long exposure to sunlight, it may turn yellow. If this happens, you can restore it back to its original look by using Rejuvenate products.

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Linoleum Kitchen
Linoleum surfaces in your kitchen can sometimes be a magnet for dirt which builds up over time and this consequently deteriorates the sealer. You need regular maintenance of linoleum surfaces so you can keep the shine and surface looking new.

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Wood Kitchen
Always check manufacturer’s instructions on cleaners that are safe for your wood surfaces and finish. It is not recommended to use water on wood floors unless it has polyurethane on it. Floor finishes that are shellac, lacquer or have a varnish should use solvent cleaners.

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Stainless Steel Kitchen
Stainless steel has become a very fashionable accent and many high end appliances now utilize this durable material. Keeping Stainless steel clean requires a product that cuts grease as well as removes dirt and food residue. The best stainless cleaners also polish and leave a deep luster and shine behind.

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Ceramic Cooktop and Glass Cooktop
Always check manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to use cleaners that are safe for your ceramic and glass cooktops. Never use harsh abrasives or metalic scouring pads as they may damage the surface.

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Rejuvenate can be used on the following type of kitchen:
Ceramic Tile Kitchen Laminate Kitchen Vinyl Kitchen
Formica Kitchen Linoleum Kitchen Wood Kitchen
arrowStainless Steel Kitchen arrowCeramic Cooktop  



How Rejuvenate can improve the look of your home or office:
Floors Furniture Bathroom
Cabinets Kitchen Countertop


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