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Heartwood Pine Floors

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Heartwood Pine Floor
Antique Heart Pine Flooring adds a depth of character into any home due to the history that lies behind it. It adds also a sense of warmth with its unique color and rich tones. Antique Heart Pine flooring is sourced from old buildings such as barns, factories, warehouses and homes where the historic wood is remilled for flooring and other purposes. It can be engineered in the same way as other hardwoods and into a product that is suitable for residential uses. It can be installed in planks, similar to the flooring seen in historic homes and also into tongue and groove boards just like the modern flooring systems of today.

It is harder, denser and more attractive than the new growth wood flooring. This is more resourceful to use than newly harvested wood which causes harmful damages to the environment when cultivated in mass amounts as was seen during the revolutionary era where a large percentage if heart pine trees were depleted. Additionally, the look of solid floors with vintage characteristics is sometimes desired along with a natural home with green flooring for the environmentally conscious home builder. Antique Heart Pine Flooring definitely offers a tempting alternative to contemporary hardwood flooring and offers a remnant of history at the same time.

Antique Heart Pine is used synonymously with the term “reclaimed heart pine” and is found in structures dating back to the 1800’s. It is valued for its warm rich tones, density, durability, its resistance to decay and its greater levels of structural stability.

During the Industrial Revolution, heart pine trees were used to build many structures like factories, textile mills, warehouses as well as homes and other edifices. Construction was done at a rapid pace and by the end of the revolution; most of these pine tree forests were depleted.

Antique Heart Pine can now be reclaimed from these old structures. Environmentally conscious people find this concept to be especially attractive since existing forests would not be harvested for building material. Today, pine forests are still harvested, however, they are cut as soon as they are large enough to be used as lumber and they demonstrate very few qualities of antique heart pine.

There are companies today, that specialize in manufacturing antique heart pine only and it is used for many purposes such as flooring, decorative accents and building structures.

Heartwood Pine is one of the rarest woods available. During the industrial revolution, heart pine was available in abundance due to the fact that Southern Pine lumber grew large enough to develop heartwood. Pine Lumber consists of sapwood and heartwood. Heartwood is dark colored and is the dormant center of the tree surrounded by sapwood. It is characterized by tighter growth rings, higher density, being decay resistant and more stable than the yellow or white sapwood.

Currently, pine trees do not grow as big and are harvested at an earlier age. Heartwood Pine is now recycled and reclaimed lumber from century old warehouses, farmhouses and textile mills. It provides the option to be environmentally responsible in the selection of flooring for one’s home and can be engineered and manufactured in the same way as with other hardwood flooring. It can be installed in planks, similar to the flooring seen in historic homes and also into tongue and groove boards just like the modern flooring systems of today.

General Guidelines to Keep Your Hardwood Flooring in Great Shape
These simple steps can prolong the life and beauty of your hardwood floor regardless of the specific type of wood you may have. Close curtains and blinds- UV rays from sunlight can fade colors and cause discoloration. Use protectors under furniture bar hardwood floor looking new:

  • Close curtains and blinds- UV rays from sunlight can fade colors on floor and sometimes cause discoloration
  • Place floor protectors under furniture
  • Clean, wipe or blot spills immediately to help prevent stains.
  • Place doormats at every door- this helps to trap dirt at the doorway instead of transferring it to the floor. (The Floor mats featured at ForLifeProducts.com are perfect for this!)
  • Take care when moving heavy objects like furniture and equipment- utilize furniture coasters to transport heavy objects across floors.
  • Take care when moving heavy objects like furniture and equipment- utilize furniture coaters to transport heavy objects across floors.
  • Dust and vacuum floors regularly to maximize beauty and decrease buildup of debris
  • Exercise caution when using bleaches, mildew removers, oven cleaners, drain openers and plant food as these contain strong chemicals that can discolor floors.
  • Always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines on products that are safe for your hardwood floor type.
  • Rearrange area rugs occasionally as they block sunlight causing a discolored appearance under the rug.
  • Avoid exposure to water on hardwoods.
  • Maintain normal humidity of 40-60% throughout all seasons of the year to reduce the natural expansion and contraction process typically found in hardwoods. Humidity levels can be maintained with air conditioners, humidifiers, de-humidifiers or with a heating system.
  • Keep pets nails trimmed and filed and remove stiletto style heels to minimize scratches.
  • Never clean hardwood floors with steel wools or scouring powders as these can cause damage.
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Rejuvenate can be used on the following type of floors:
Hardwood Floor Terrazzo Floor Flagstone Floor
Laminate Floor Terra Cotta Floor Vinyl/Linoleum Floor
Ceramic Tile Floor Slate Floor Marble Floor
Cork Floor Cement Floor Fiberglass Floor
Pine Floor Travertine Floor
How Rejuvenate can improve the look of your home or office:
Floors Furniture Bathroom
Cabinets Kitchen Countertop

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