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American Wood: 
Refers to wood types found throughout the North American region. The three most common classifications are softwood, hardwood and plywood. American wood is typically used in cabinet making, flooring, furniture, sculptures, toys, tools and a host of other manufactured goods.

See Types of American Wood used in Hardwood Flooring here

American Walnut:
Characterized by it's hard straight grain and coarse texture. Primarily used for making cabinets, flooring and furniture. American White Walnut has a creamy white color as opposed to the American Black Walnut which has a red to dark brown tone.

More on American Walnut Flooring

An instrument used for applying cleaner or solution on a regular and/or irregular surface. See our microfiber applicators used for cleaning and polishing here. Safe for use on all kinds of surfaces, ranging from cars, floors, furniture, walls, cabinets, bathrooms to any household surface that require cleaning.

See Microfiber Applicators here

Ash wood is extremely light and is nearly white in color. It has a hard, straight grain with a course texture. It is used in a variety of products like flooring, cabinets, tool handles and other consumer products. Due to its hardness, it may be difficult to work with, but the end results tend to be more durable and long lasting.

See More on Ash Wood Flooring here


Balsa tree is a fast-growing wood that is native to South America. Even though balsa is soft, it is classified as a hardwood and is the softest commercial grade hardwood. It is valued as a building material because although it is lightweight, pound for pound, it is remarkably strong. It is most commonly used for building small airplanes, gliders, furniture and other wooden structures.

A hard, dense and heavy wood with a yellow creamy color and a fine texture. It is used most commonly in sculptures, cabinets, furnishings, tool handles and as accent pieces. Boxwood is notorious for being difficult to sand and finish.

A hardwood with an irregular grain pattern that features a reddish brown tone. It is an exotic hardwood that is primarily used as a veneer for cabinetwork, furniture, and paneling.


Aka Concrete. Consists of stony aggregates like gravel, limestone or granite and sand. It is generally used in construction and civil engineering, its main function being a binder. The primary types of cement include portland cement, non-portland hydraulic cement, masonry cement and puzzolanic cement, but there are countless others.

The best way to remove stains from cement floors

A hardwood with a clear brown color and elegant spiraling grain. It is used for a multitude of purposes including carpentry, cabinets and to produce ornate objects like furniture, windows and coffins.

American Black Cherry is regarded as one of the best kinds of cherry lumber and is distinguished by the aroma it gives off. The sapwood is a light pink to white color and the heartwood has a reddish brown tone. Both varieties take a high polish. It is very versatile and it is used to manufacture luxurious furniture, doors, musical instruments, crafts, winch, charts, sculpture etc.

See Details on Black Cherry Wood Flooring

 A liquid or solid product used to sanitize and restore a surface to its original appearance.

See Our Full Line of Powerful Environmentally-Friendly Cleaners

Corian is a trademarked brand that is manufactured by DuPont. Inc. It' is fundamentally used as a surfacing and countertop material in kitchens and bathrooms. It is a solid surface that comes in an assortment of colors and three different finishes including matte, semi-gloss and high gloss. Composed of welded plastic, Corian is highly versatile and can be formed into a wide range of shapes. Care should be taken when cleaning a corian surface to avoid damaging the surface.

See More Details on Corian Here


A hardwood noted for its durability. Elm wood is known for its interlocking grain which imparts a natural resistance to splitting and humidity.

The Eucalyptus tree has a straight trunk and is noted for its strong aromatic scent. It is characterized by yellow flowers, fast growth rate and considerable height.

European walnut:
A single grain wood with a slightly coarse texture. Commonly used in the manufacture of furniture and gun stocks because of its ease of use, strength and distinctive grain.


Refers to a multitude of coatings used in home building and restoration. A finish is applied to surfaces such as floors, cabinets, furniture and walls to accent the natural material or create an entirely different appearance. Most commonly classified as matt, gloss or semi-gloss.

See All the Rejuvenate Brand Finishes Here

Formica is also known as plastic laminate. It is a low-cost surfacing material used primarily in bathrooms and kitchens to cover countertops and cabinets. It consists of several materials bonded together under high pressure. Materials often include a plywood or fiberboard core with a high resolution photographic plastic covering as the top layer. Formica comes in an assortment of colors, designs and shapes and is ideal for use in environments where cost, durability and appearance are key factors.

More Information on Formica


Granite is a natural stone composed of Quartz and Feldspar. These hard minerals impart granite with a highly durable surface that does not fade easily. The crystalline nature of these components also creates a sparkling effect which makes granite visually appealing. The material is largely used on kitchen countertops and as floor tiles.

More on Granite


Igneous rocks:
There are over 700 types of igneous rock It is formed when lava or magma solidifies. Igneous rocks can be found above or below the earths surface. The nature of an igneous rock is determined by temperature and pressure levels during the solidification process.


Laminate (floor):
Laminate floors are faux surface coverings that mimic the look of wood or ceramic tile. Laminate floors look like wood flooring but they are actually a plywood or fiberboard core that has a printed plastic laminate covering the top layer.

See Care and Details of Laminate Floors

Linden is popularly used as an ornamental tree and is native to the northern hemispheres of America, Asia and Europe. The lumber of linden trees is soft with a small grain. It has a yellow tone that darkens to clear brown when exposed to air and is used to manufacture toys, musical instruments, floor panels, window shutters and furniture.


Mahogany is a dark-colored hard wood known for its durability and beauty. It is a highly sought after wood type because of its rarity and it is largely used as a construction material for floors and furniture. Mahogany comes from numerous countries including Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Costa Rico, Venezuela, Africa and Central America.

See Care and Details of Mahogany Wood Floors

Maple is high quality grade lumber. Strong, hard, and heavy with a high wear- resistance and good steam-bending properties, this wood has a closed, subdued grain and a uniform texture. Maple surfaces are extremely durable and available in a variety of colors and grades. It has an unmatched durability when used as a wood flooring material.

See Care and Details of Maple Wood Floors

Marble is a form of Limestone and contains crystals of calcite or dolomite. It is altered from its natural limestone state by being re-crystallized and hardened under heat and pressure. Marbles are typified by colored veins running through them making it a visually appealing and unique surface material. Marble is often associated with sophistication and lavishness because of its use in royal palaces and historically important buildings around the world.

See More on Marble Flooring Here

Metamorphic rocks:
Metamorphic rocks start out as other rock types. Igneous and sedimentary rocks slowly undergo profound physical and chemical changes to become metamorphic rocks.

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber mainly composed of polyester or nylon. It is exceptionally soft and is often used as a cleaning tool. Microfiber reduces bacteria by up to 99% versus conventional cleaning materials like rags that only reduce bacteria by 33%. It is also electrostatic by nature, which means that it attracts dust and dirt.

See Premium Microfiber Products


Oak is a common species of wood harvested mostly in North America. Because of its abundance in supply, Oak is one of the most affordable lines of lumber. Oak trees produce a strong, beautiful wood that is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture, flooring, boats, and more. Because of oak wood's natural strength and durability, proper care can make the wood last for decades without losing its beauty.

More Information on Oak Wood Flooring


Pine wood is dense in nature and offers excellent versatility for carving and sanding. It comes in a variety of widths and grades for use as a flooring material. It tends to be clear with a tight, straight grain and may have small or large knots depending on the type of pine.

See Details on Pine Wood Floors Here

Polymer coatings add wear resistance, shine and traction to all kinds of flooring applications. The unique molecular structure of polymer sealants makes them ideal locking out moisture, adding durability and adding resistance to stains and chemical damage.

See All Our Polymer Based Products


A solution used to soften and to eliminate deposits found on surfaces like paint, wax, dirt, oils, fats and other elements that stain and damage the finish. The best removers are effective on a variety of unwelcome materials.

Outdoor Stain Remover (Concrete & Driveway)

Resin is a natural or synthetic product that is gluey by nature but hardens with treatment. Natural resins come from plants and are used as components in varnish, lacquer, inks, perfumes, jewelry, and many other objects. Synthetic resins are the polymerization of substances like polyvinyl, polystyrene, and polyethylene and thermosetting materials such as polyesters, epoxies, and silicones that are used to make paint and plastics.


Sedimentary rocks:
Sedimentary rocks are rocks that form by an accumulation of sediments. Sediments are deposited and are solidified in layers through a process known as lithification. They can form on the earth’s surface and in bodies of water like lakes, seas, and the rivers. Common examples include limestone, chalk and sandstone.

Slate is a natural stone formed in riverbeds and is sourced from all over the world. The stone is metamorphic and is made up of quartz, mica, calcite, chlorite and other types of rock. These features contribute to its durability and its resistance to high traffic. It is extremely beautiful when used on surfaces like floors, countertops and bathrooms, however, it requires diligence to keep it properly maintained.

More Information on Slate Floors

Also known as soapstone, steatite is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of the talc mineral which is smooth and soft to the touch. This rock type can be millions of years old depending on what geographic location it is found. It has been used for many years in sinks for classrooms and labs as well as on tables and countertops. Steatite exudes a rich deep color that darkens with age.

More Information on Soapstone Surfaces

Stoneware is heavy, nonporous clay that is fired at high temperatures creating a strong, chip resistant substance suitable for use in cooking and baking.

A straight grain wood of yellowish or yellow white color with a fine and smooth texture. Its main uses are for furniture, furniture parts (drawer sides), millwork, paneling and moldings, flooring, kitchenware, butchers blocks, toys and fruit crates. Sycamore trees have the largest leaf of any tree native to North America.

 A substrate is a substance that reacts to enzymes. It is a reactant which means that it goes through chemical changes to yield a product.

A liquid substance that lowers the tension of combined liquids to allow easier spreading.

Surfacants are a key component in Rejuvenate Auto


Teak is an extremely durable wood that requires very little care or treatment. Its favorable properties make it suitable for a wide variety of purposes and it has a very distinctive appearance. This exquisite imported wood will gradually grow into a silver gray color if left outdoors for more than three months. If indoors, and away from natural sunlight for six months to a year, the color of the wood will deepen to a darker shade of brown. 

See Care and Details of Teak Wood Floors

Terrazzo is made of marble and cement set in mortar. The marble chips are usually sprinkled on the surface during its setting so that the majority of its surface is marble. It is then polished and cleaned. Protective coatings are not completely necessary on terrazzo tiles but a protective coating is recommended to protect the marble chips and add traction.

See Care and Details of Terrazzo Floors

Rejuvenate can be used on the following type of floors:
Hardwood Floor Terrazzo Floor Flagstone Floor
Laminate Floor Terra Cotta Floor Vinyl/Linoleum Floor
Ceramic Tile Floor Slate Floor Marble Floor
Cork Floor Cement Floor Fiberglass Floor
Pine Floor Travertine Floor  
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