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Rejuvenate Floors

Rejuvenate Floors


Floor Sealer
Rejuvenate fills in the floor scratches
Seals and protects your hardwood floor!
Rejuvenate Floors
Rejuvenate is excellent for all types of hard flooring including hardwood, tile, laminate and vinyl. Rejuvenate floor products are also great for sealing grout and adds 50% more traction to your floors to make them safer to walk on.

See how our Rejuvenate floor cleaner can help keep your floors shine while protecting and restoring the surface. Our floor restorer can help restore life to the finished wood, laminate and other various types of flooring and is also great for cleaning grout. Use our microfiber mitt applicators and microfiber mop bonnet applicators to clean your home. We also have stain removers for removing hard stains from your floors such as garage, driveway, etc. Use our helpful tips on removing floor sealers and on your antique floor.

Our floors can be used on surfaces by the following floor manufacturers.
Recommended floor cleaners:

Floor Cleaners

Protect Floor

Restore Floor
Hardwood Floors
Hardwood is considered a luxury choice in floors. Its natural beauty and structural strength make it ideal as a floor surface. Hardwood floors appreciate in value and add prestige and warmth to a home. Because hardwood is a natural material, one should expect color variations. It’s also easy to maintain and restore.

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Laminate Floors
Laminate floors bear a similar resemblance to hardwood floors but no solid wood is used in its construction. It consists of several materials bonded together under high amounts of pressure. Materials often include a plywood or fiberboard core with a high-resolution photographic plastic covering the top layer.

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Ceramic Tile Floors
Ceramic Tile Floors are one of the most commonly used floor types today and is produced from natural ingredients. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. Benefits of this floor type include its fire resistance and long-lasting nature. It’s also very easy to maintain and is stain and odor resistant.

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Cork Floors
Cork floors are made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, which is first grounded then processed into layers. It’s then baked and sliced into tiles for both residential and commercial purposes. It’s considered a “green” floor type since only the bark of the tree is used and the tree is left standing. The trees are prominent in Spain, Portugal and Tunisia and can live for up to 800 years. The bark itself grows back every ten years, making it a fully renewable resource.

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Terrazzo Floors
Terrazzo is made of marble and cement set in mortars. The marble chips are usually sprinkled on the surface during its setting, so that the majority of its surface is marble. It’s then polished and cleaned. Protective coatings are not completely necessary on Terrazzo floors but as with any other floor type, you need to add a coating to protect the marble chips and prevent the surface from being slippery.

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Terra Cotta Floors
Terra Cotta is made from raw clay and is normally unglazed. It gives off an old-world charm and has been used for centuries for making sculptures and building materials. Terra Cotta flooring comes in a variety of shapes sizes, however it has a distinguishable identity with colors ranging from earth tones such as grey to brownish-yellow and various shades of red.  It looks better with age and is warm to the touch. Another advantage is that it’s water, allergen and bacteria resistant.

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Slate Floors
Slate tiles come in a variety of textures, tones, shapes sizes and colors. This is as a result of its makeup which often varies. It is a natural stone product mostly formed in riverbeds and is sourced from all over the world. The stone is metamorphic and is made up of quartz, mica, calcite, chlorite and other types of rock. These features contribute to its durability and high tolerance to high traffic. This floor type is extremely beautiful, however, it can sometimes take a lot of diligence to keep it in great shape making it hard to maintain.

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Cement Floors
Cement or concrete floors are a lot easier to clean when it’s sealed. If it’s not sealed, you should clean it with a strong all-purpose cleaner such as Rejuvenate Stain Stealer after sweeping. Cement floors typically absorb oil and grease easily and settled dirt makes it harder to clean.

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Flagstone Floors
Flagstone is a sedimentary rock which is designed and easy to use for cutting into slabs of tile. Flagstone is sandstone and the materials that bind it are composed of calcium, silica and iron oxide. Flagstone has been used for centuries to make pavements, roofing, fences, walkways and flooring. It can have heating and cooling units placed underneath it for summer and winter weather. It comes in a range of colors, as it’s formed in layers. Typical colors of the flagstone are red and blue.

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Vinyl / Linoleum Floors
Vinyl floors are made from synthetic petrochemicals while linoleum is made of natural ingredients. The two however, are used interchangeably to create different patterns and prints. Vinyl and Linoleum floors can stay new-looking for a very long time with regular maintenance. They’re both durable and easy to maintain.

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Marble Floors
Marble flooring has an elegant and stately appearance. It’s used in many grand buildings like The White House. It’s a natural stone that is found in a lot of places around the world. Even though this floor type can be expensive, it’s very durable and stain resistant.

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Fiberglass Floors
Fiberglass surfaces are layered with a resin gel coat that gives the floors its shine and color. It’s made from sand and recycled glass material such as bottles, window glass and industrial plate windows. It’s used in various forms and known for its thermal abilities. The use of fiberglass in flooring can also reduce noise.

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Pine Floors
Many Pine trees were near extinct during the end of the industrial revolution as a result of it being the main material used to build expansive amounts of textile factories, warehouses, farmhouses, barns, homes and other industrial factories. They’re still being harvested today in many pine forests in the United States. However, they’re now cut down at an early stage, which gives it just enough time to be used as lumber. Pine wood requires no difficult sanding and is dense in nature. It comes in a variety of widths and grades for use as a flooring material. It can be clear with a tight, straight grain and may have small or large knots depending on the type of pine.

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Travertine Floors
Travertine is derived from a kind of limestone that is deposited by springs, therefore making it renewable and sustainable. It was first used as a flooring material by the Romans as an alternative to marble for use in high traffic areas. It’s ideal not only because of its beauty, but also for its easy maintenance and the many colors and patterns available including ivory, beige, walnut, and gold, for use in several designs.

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Rejuvenate can be used on the following type of floors:
Hardwood Floor Terrazzo Floor Flagstone Floor
Laminate Floor Terra Cotta Floor Vinyl/Linoleum Floor
Ceramic Tile Floor Slate Floor Marble Floor
Cork Floor Cement Floor Fiberglass Floor
Pine Floor Travertine Floor
How Rejuvenate can improve the look of your home or office:
Floors Furniture Bathroom
Cabinets Kitchen Countertop

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