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Ceramic Tile Kitchens

Rejuvenate Product Line

Stainless Steel Repair gouges Stainless Steel Repair - gouges

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Stainless Steel Repair gouges Stainless Steel Repair - gouges
Stainless Steel Repair - Scratches Stainless Steel Repair - Scratches

Ceramic Tile Kitchen
Ceramics are one of the most commonly used tiles in kitchens. Ceramics tiles are produced from clay which is a natural ingredient. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. Ceramic tile is inexpensive and can also be cleaned easily, making this surface ideal for homes with children and pets. In the kitchen, ceramics can be found on countertops, walls, floors, murals and in other places.

Even though ceramic tile floors are easy to clean, the grout in between tiles can become difficult to clean. Rejuvenate© is also great for sealing grout and adds up to 50% more traction for added safety. Many people will use acidic products to clean between the grout and forget to clean in out. This practice deteriorates the grout. Rejuvenate products provide a safe option for cleaning grout and keeps the dirt out. Things to avoid when cleaning ceramic tile flooring are the use of steel wool, scouring powders, or other abrasives that can scratch the finish of the tile.

Adding value to your home goes beyond monetary changes to its look and feel and also includes the care and presentation one puts into a comfortable house so when scratches appear in your ceramic tile, a very quick and affordable solution includes using Rejuvenate’s Floor Restorer and Protectant to fill in scratches, restore shine and protect against water and UV damage.


Recommended Ceramic Tile Kitchen Cleaners:
Rejuvenate Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish
Bioenzymatic Tile
& Grout Cleaner
Rejuvenate Stainless Steel scratch eraser kit
Grout Repair

Microfiber Mitt Applicator
Microfiber Mop Bonnet


Rejuvenate can be used on the following type of kitchen:
arrowCeramic Tile Kitchen arrowLaminate Kitchen arrowVinyl Kitchen
arrowFormica Kitchen arrowLinoleum Kitchen arrowWood Kitchen
arrowStainless Steel Kitchen arrowCeramic Cooktop  



Types of tile floors:
arrowCeramic Tiles arrowQuarry Tile arrowTerra Cotta Tile
arrowTerrazzo Tile arrowAgglomerate Tile  



How Rejuvenate can improve the look of your home or office:
Floors Furniture Bathroom
Cabinets Kitchen Countertop


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