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Rejuvenate Cabinets

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Rejuvenate Cabinets
Rejuvenate Cabinets
Rejuvenate Cabinets
Rejuvenate Cabinets
You can bring back the beauty of your cabinets. Our polymer-based products fill in scratches, producing an unsurpassed shine while sealing surfaces and protecting them from stains as well as water and UV damage.

Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer & Protectant restores life to the finished wood, Formica, and laminate surfaces of a wide variety of cabinetry, furniture and wall paneling. Its polymer-based formula fills in scratches, restores shine, seals grout and protects cabinets and furniture from new scratches and water damage. In addition, it includes a new ultra-violet (UV) ray barrier that shields surfaces from the sun’s damaging effects. One easy wipe-on application lasts up to three months.

To bring back life to old looking cabinets, they could just need a good cleaning.
Over time, Kitchen cabinets attract a sticky buildup from cooking, grease and dirty fingers and are not usually cleaned as often as other household items such as stoves and countertops. The steam from washing dishes can also create a film on cabinets as well as stains from grease, food and grime. These factors will make the cabinet seem dull, cloudy and streaked.

Wood, metal, laminated plastic or wood-grained vinyl surfaces can generally be cleaned with a warm, soapy solution.

Below are guidelines for cleaning and maintaining kitchen cabinetry:

Things You'll Need
  • Cleaner
  • A Bucket
  • Sponges and/or rags
  • Rubber gloves
  • Start off by dusting the cabinets
  • Since cabinets are not usually given regular cleaning, a strong cleaner is recommended to get rid of all the buildup.
  • Wipe cabinets with a cleaner
  • Let it stand for 10 minutes
  • Wipe the solution off with a soft and damp rag or microfiber
  • Microfibers will eliminate more bacteria.
  • Dry cabinets with a dry cloth or microfiber
  • Rinse and let dry

Precautions Necessary for cleaning Kitchen Cabinets:

  • Wear rubber or latex household gloves, protective eyewear and old clothes to protect eye and skin contact with chemicals.
  • People that are sensitive to odors may choose to wear a painter’s face mask as well.
  • Cover all surfaces that you do not want affected by the cleaning product.
  • Use extra precaution when covering appliances. Make certain all appliances are turned off, and no gas pilot flames are burning.
  • Open a door or window to allow ventilation.
  • Removing the doors and drawers and taking them outside to clean is a safer alternative since no flames are nearby.
  • Do not use a scouring powder or other abrasives on cabinets as they will damage the finish whether it’s a wood, metal, laminated plastic or wood-grained vinyl surface.
  • Read the label to be sure it can be used on the finish, and follow directions exactly. Degreasers contain powerful chemicals. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and heed the safety precautions.
  • Always test on the inside of a door in an inconspicuous area to be sure it will not harm the surface.

Finally, be sure to clean cabinet surfaces periodically, mainly once a week, to keep them looking shiny and new.

Recommended cabinet cleaners:
Rejuvenate™ Cabinets and Furniture
Cabinet Cleaners

Cabinet Repair
Rejuvenate™ Cabinets and Furniture
Cabinet Restorer
Wood Cabinet
Kitchen wood cabinets are usually not cleaned as often as other household items like stoves and countertops. Avoid using abrasive and caustic cleaners as these will cause damage. The best method of cleaning wood kitchen cabinets is with Rejuvenate, as you get a cleaner that does not use heavy chemicals and actually seals and protects cabinets from new scratches and water damage.

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Vinyl Cabinet
Keeping your vinyl cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom looking like new takes only regular maintenance. If you have heavy build-up of dirt, dust, food or grease these can leave your vinyl cabinets looking dull. You can use an all-purpose cleaner but always test it on an unnoticeable spot first to make sure it is safe for the surface.

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Maple Cabinet
Maple wood cabinets need special care when staining or sealing. The only real issue with maple wood is that it is extremely hard and does not stain easily which is why some parts of the wood will soak better than others. The same applies for sealing. When sealing, you should take your time to seal the surface evenly.

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Oak Cabinet
Damage to oak wood is usually from dirt or hot surfaces like warm dishes and direct sunlight. Keeping them clean will help you keep your oak cabinets in great shape.

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Cherry Cabinet
Cherry wood cabinets tend to get darker when exposed to sunlight. This can be a problem for some people when a few years later the cabinets become too dark for the room.

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Formica Cabinet
If you have Formica cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, you might notice that they may have a yellow tint. This is usually caused by long exposure to sunlight. To restore the look, you need to clean the surface on a regular basis so that the yellow color does not have a chance to set in.

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Rejuvenate can be used on the following type of cabinets:
Wood Cabinets Vinyl Cabinets Maple Cabinets
Oak Cabinets Cherry Cabinets Formica Cabinets
How Rejuvenate can improve the look of your home or office:
Floors Furniture Bathroom
Cabinets Kitchen Countertop

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