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Rejuvenate How & Why

Rejuvenate is a revolutionary polymer finish that will instantly bring back life to almost any hard flooring or cabinet surface to make it look showroom new. Rejuvenate fills in scratches, brings back vibrant unsurpassed shine, seals and protects from stains and adds up to 50% more traction. And with the NEW UV Ray Barrier™, Rejuvenate will help protect your floors and cabinets from the damaging effects of UV rays.


Rejuvenate Floor Restorer & Protectant is great for all hard flooring surfaces including:

Ceramic tile
No Wax
Sealed Marble
Sealed Hardwood

Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer & Protectant is excellent for:

All finished wood
Kitchen & Bathroom


Based on research and third-party testing, it was concluded that Rejuvenate Floor Restorer:

Restores shine to old floors
Has excellent ability to fill scratches
Looks shiny and clear
Seals and protects from light scratches and spills
Is easy to clean


Rejuvenate Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Rejuvenate on any type of flooring?

A: Yes! You can safely restore the finish and shine to any type of hard flooring, including ceramic tile, linoleum, wood, slate, stone and laminate (Pergo) flooring. Just ensure you clean with a neutral cleaner like Clean N Revive before applying Rejuvenate.

Q: Is it a WAX?

A: No, Rejuvenate is not a wax, it is a water-based space age polymer that fills in the scratches, seals and protects your floors. It even adds up to 50% more traction to slippery floors making them safer for you and your family.

Q: How long will it LAST?

A: The application of Rejuvenate Floor Restorer can last 3 to 6 months, depending on floor traffic, after which point you can re-apply and continue to enjoy that spectacular finish and shine. Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture can last 6 to 12 months.

Q: How many rooms will it cover?

A: The original kit we are sending will cover approximately 300 square feet of flooring, which is equal to 2 average size rooms. If you are going to Rejuvenate the floors in your kitchen, dining room and family room, we’d recommend a supersized bottle. The bottle of Cabinet & Furniture Restorer is enough to restore and protect the cabinets in a small kitchen.

Q: How much will I SAVE?

A: Our customers save over $1,000 by using Rejuvenate to achieve the same finish and shine the professionals offer.

Q: How will it improve SAFETY?

A: Rejuvenate will add up to 50% more traction, making your hard flooring, including tile and marble floors, safer for the entire family.

Q: Can I use Rejuvenate Furniture Restorer on my ANTIQUES?

A: Yes! You can safely restore the finish and shine to your most valuable antiques with this non-abrasive formulation. Just ensure you remove the petroleum based products before applying Rejuvenate.

Q: Does Rejuvenate YELLOW or BUILD UP over time?

A: No, Rejuvenate does not yellow, or build up over time because it is not a wax.

Q: Will I have to clean GROUT?

A: Never again! One of the amazing benefits of Rejuvenate is that you will never have to clean grout out of your tile floors again once you seal them with Rejuvenate !

Q: Where is Rejuvenate floor and cabinet available in stores?

A: The kit offered on TV and on this website is not for sale in stores. But Rejuvenate products are sold in Home Depot, Target, Fred Meyer, Kinney Drugs, selected locations of Bed, Bath & Beyond and other local retailers.


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