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Rejuvenate Professional Floor Restorer with High Gloss

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Rejuvenate 32oz Wood Floor Professional Restorer with High Gloss Finish
Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer with High Gloss Finish is a urethane-based floor finish that works on almost any kind of hardwood flooring. Rejuvenate Professional wood floor restorer instantly fills in scratches, bringing back long-lost shine while sealing and protecting against damage such as moisture, stains and UV rays that cause fading. Every 32-ounce bottle of Rejuvenate Professional Floor Restorer is enough to cover up to 525 square feet of flooring. No sanding or refinishing is required. No waxy build up or yellowing.

5 star rated based on customer reviews of Rejuvenate Floor restorer. Number one selling!

Great for all types of hardwood flooring:

  • Fills in small scratches
  • No sanding to refinish your hardwood floors
  • No waxy build up
  • Resist stains and spills
  • Increases traction to slippery floors
  • 1 Bottle covers 525 Sq. feet

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Rejuvenate Professional can be used on the following type of hardwood floors:
arrowSolid Hardwood Floor arrowEngineered Hardwood Floor arrowParquet Wood Floor
arrowFloating Wood Floor arrowLongstrip Hardwood Floor arrowExotic Hardwood Floor
arrowHandscraped Hardwood Floor arrowWhitewashed Hardwood Floor arrowWide Plank Floor



How Rejuvenate can improve the look of your home or office:
Floors Furniture Bathroom
Cabinets Kitchen Countertop



Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance Tips:

Considering that hardwood flooring is one of the most expensive flooring materials available, maintaining it like new and taking steps to protect it are smart ways to secure your investment. Simple steps can dramatically increase the lifespan of your hardwood floor, regardless of the type you may have. Here are some tips and tricks that will keep your hardwood floors looking new for years to come:

  • Close curtains and blinds when the sun is shining intensely on the floor - UV rays from sunlight can fade the rich colors of wood flooring and sometimes cause discoloration.
  • Place floor protectors under furniture to prevent scratches and gouges.
  • Clean, wipe or blot spills immediately to help prevent stains and damage from moisture.
  • Place doormats at every door- this helps to trap dirt and moisture at the doorway instead of transferring it to the floor. (The Floor mats featured at ForLifeProducts.com are perfect for this!)
  • Take care when moving heavy objects like furniture and equipment- Utilize furniture coasters to transport heavy objects across floors.
  • Dust and vacuum floors regularly to maximize beauty and decrease buildup of dust and debris.
  • Exercise caution when using bleaches, mildew removers, oven cleaners, drain openers and plant food as these products contain strong chemicals that can damage the finish or discolor wood floors.
  • Always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines and use products that are safe for your hardwood floor type.
  • Rearrange area rugs occasionally as they block sunlight causing a discolored appearance under the rug.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive moisture and water on hardwoods.
  • Maintain normal humidity of 40-60% throughout all seasons of the year to reduce the natural expansion and contraction process typically found in hardwoods. Humidity levels can be maintained with air conditioners, humidifiers, de-humidifiers or with a heating system.
  • Keep pets nails trimmed and filed and remove sharp, stiletto style heels to minimize scratches.
  • Never clean hardwood floors with steel wools or scouring powders as these can cause damage.




Types wood floors ranked from the softest to the hardest:
arrow Douglas Fir Wood - A soft wood with a very tight grain and look almost white with a soft redish look to the surface.
arrow Black Cherry Wood - A pink colored wood that is more expensive then oak but at the same time much softer.
arrow Teak Wood - A durable imported wood that is primarily used outdoors due to it being a more of an oily based wood.
arrow Black Walnut Wood - A strong, durable wood that is very expensive to buy. It is harder to dent this type of wood and is very durable for everyday living.
arrow Heart Pine Wood - Found in many homes thougthout U.S. history it is primarily a softer wood. This type of wood over time dents easier but will give your home a more of a rustic appearance.
arrow Yellow Birch Wood - A soft wood that is lighter then most hardwoods. This wood can sometimes be mistaken for maple hardwoods if you are not paying attention.
arrow Red Oak Wood - This hardwood is very popular and is very durable against staining. It has a pink appearance and has a grainy surface.
v Ash Wood - This is a modern day look for the home. It is durable and helps make a room look bigger due to its light wood color.
arrow White Oak Wood - Has a yellowish look to the wood but is harder than other oaks such as red oak.
arrow Australian Cypress Wood - This hardwood is an oily-based wood used primarily at ski lodges with knots that could slowly crack over time.
arrow Hard Maple Wood - This hardwood is smoother looking since it has less texture then your common oak wood. Maple is one of the most popular types of flooring you can have for your home.
arrow Bamboo Wood - This type of hardwood has unique looking graings to the surface with a brown/tan look to it. Bamboo handles everyday staining better then most hardwoods.
arrow Wenge Wood - Wenge wood has an elegant look and very hard that makes it very durable and resists wear better then most hardwood.
arrow African Pecan Wood - This hardwood is very strong and has a fine grain on the surface.
arrow Hickory / Pecan Wood - One of the hardest wood you can buy for your floors. This wood normally has a white or a redish look to it.
arrow Purpleheart Wood - This wood has a dark purple look to it which is similar to burgundy wine. This is a very durable wood for the home.
arrow Jarrah Wood - This Australian dark red and sometime pink looking hardwood. Can darken with exposure to sunlight.
arrow Merbau Wood - This wood is grown in Indo-Malayan which red-brown look with appearance of flecks of gold in this durable wood.
arrow Santos Mahogany Wood - A Brazilian wood that has a red-brown look wiht very tight grains. This is a very strong and durable wood.
arrow Mesquite Wood - A red-brown looking wood that is very strong and durable. It has more of a western type look to the surface.
arrow Brazilian Cherry Wood - This wood colors range from a dark orange to a red-brown appearance. The grains look like oad but it is twice as strong. This wood also is good for resisting boring insects and any types of fungis.


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